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19-07-17 12:33


Increased yields / Fruits of fall prevention / Promote flowering and Fertilization,/Vigorous root growth / Significant reduction in disease / Healthy growth / Prevention of Cold damage / Increase sugar

• Sprinkle throughout the soil 1-2 days before plowing(20kg at 1000㎡ )

• In the middle of growing, put a small amount near the root of the plant and cover with soil
(The standard of pepper tree - 50g, the amount varies depending on the size of the crop)

• For fruit trees, spray about 200 ~ 300g on the roots once a year (before flowering).

• If the plant is already planted in the soil, please spray about 50 ~ 100g near the root.
But Be careful not to touch the root of the crop directly


Soil that zeolite needs.

Facilities Horticulture Soil, Sandy soil, Reclaimed land, New soil, Wet soil, Old soil, A large number of required fields

BSGREEN Granule action and efficacy

- Reinforcing soil power,
- Enhancing the ability to contain fertilizer ingredients,
- Enhancement of ability to imply moisture,
- It emits moisture to the drought and supplies moisture to the crops.
- It absorbs harmful gas.
- Promotes cell growth.
- Activation of old soil
- Prevent root rot.
- At least 20% increase in yield